Spare Pair Optical - They won't give me my own medical information

Marlboro Township, New Jersey 1 comment

I bought an EXPENSIVE pair of glasses from Spare Pair Optical. Several months later, I was working abroad, broke my glasses and needed to get a new pair. The local optometrist didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence, so I called the store where I bought them and asked for the prescription and sizing data so I could just order a pair over the internet. They refused to give me all of the info because "we don't have to give you that information".

Excuse me? That's MY medical information! How dare they refuse to provide it to me! I have every legal right to see it. Their reply: Yes, but only if you come into the office.

They are expensive, but their attitude on customer service is OFFENSIVE!

Review about: Eyeglasses Prescription.



PD isn't medical information, it's a manufacturing measurement that is to be taken by the company manufacturing the glasses. Do your research before you get all het up for no good reason.

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